Thursday, October 27, 2005

Final version of award winning FAQ

Just letting you know that Berserker has delivered what is very likely to be the final version of an already amazingly comprehensive FAQ.

It is also an award-winning FAQ! It was named one of the FAQs of the month for June at GameFAQs.

Great stuff Berserker.

Monday, October 24, 2005

European Extras.

Just highlighting a post from below from Robin, a regular visitor to this site.

(applies to PC version ONLY) Here is some important news. The PC version which is going to be released in the UK and other countries is different from the US version. The UK version contains a dvd with special features (behind the scenes and other stuff- for USA this was available in a limited edition in XBOX version only). Exciting news is that one level was deleted (due to AI and other technical difficulties) from the US version but that one is back for the UK version. Fourth level (which had some brief difficulties in terms of shooting- for both XBOX and PC) has been repaired and bugless. This news will soon be confirmed in the official website (early November). How do I know this? I talked to Blaine Christine and Ramin Mody (directors of the game, MAJESCO BOOTH) in festival in LA(for PSP and Playstation). Brought the news as soon as I could, hope rooney and people appreciate it.
Looks as if the European PC release may be worth the wait for sure. Some of us Americans may be compelled to import if this is the case.

On side note, and as thanks for the head's up, be sure to check out Robin's Aeon Flux site by clicking here.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Advent Comic Review

Come this Wednesday Advent fans will have something to look forward to. Advent Rising: Rock the Planet #1 will hit store shelves all around the US. The first issue contains two comics for the price of one for a total of 53 pages of Advent. Now onto my little review...

The Cover

If you have ever been a comic fan, then you will know that the one of the most vital aspects to a comic's success lies in the cover - more specifically, the cover of the first issue, which can make or break that comic's success in the eyes of the consumer. I am happy to say that Advent Rising: Rock the Planet has one of the most eye-catching and detailed cover that I have seen on a comic in quite sometime. The sheer amount of detail that the artist put into Olivia is exquisite. Internet pics really don't do it justice, you have to see it up close for yourself to see what I mean. Click here to see a pic. The first issue actually has three covers - two for the first comic, and one for the second.

The Story

The comic starts out with Gideon and Ethan having just moved from their homeworld of Edumea to the planet of Artemus. The first two issues (actually first issue) revolve around them getting settled in on Artemus and how they cope with their new surrounding peers and overall lifestyle of Artemus. Each character stays true to the game. I'll go deeper into each character in a moment.

The Artwork

I must admit that I was a little worried about the artwork when I first saw a few pics from the comic. It takes a little getting used to at first since it's much different from the artwork that was shown during the game's release, but after getting used to it you will enjoy it. The expressions are very reminiscent of the actual game's characters and still keep each of their individual personalities in mind. Sometimes the expressions look a little strange though - a little too exaggerated.

Now let's get to each of the characters. To show how much each character is like their video game counterpart, I have decided to post a pic of the character's video game image alongside a few of the comic images.

Gideon Wyeth

Gideon's personality is still that of a whiny boy that is overshadowed by his big brother Ethan - not to say that he doesn't change later in the story. It's interesting to watch his relationship with Olivia progress in this issue.

Ethan Wyeth

Ethan is EXACTLY like his video game counterpart, in that, it was as if I could actually here the voice actor from the game speaking the lines as I was reading each of his statements. He's still cocky and still tries to be humerous. They have totally captured Ethan's character in this comic and Ethan fans will definitely be pleased.


Olivia was definitely a naughty girl when she was younger, but you could always see that she had kind of an evil side to her. Well, not exactly evil, but an extremly flirty side, nonetheless...spunky, I guess you could say. The Gideon and Olivia scenes remind me a lot of the game, in that, she picks on Gideon a bunch in front of people. I definitely like her character in the comic, and would like to see a bit more of her in future issues - she doesn't appear as much as Gideon and Ethan in the first issue.

Overall, if you are a fan of Advent Rising and want some extra background on each character, and want to see the characters from game interact in their younger years then you will definitely like this comic. Nice job 360ep and staff!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Any questions about the comic?

Just thought I would point out that Rob Worley (writer of the Advent comic), under the username "Robbo", is answering users' questions over at the Majesco Advent Rising forums if anyone is interested. Go to this thread if you have any questions to ask.

The first issue of Advent Rising: Rock the Planet is scheduled to appear in stores on next Wednesday (October 26th) in the US, and you can visit this comic shop locator service to find a comic store near you. For more info on the comic, see Rooney's post two posts below this one.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

French release date...

From an old friend of this blog algarys in a comment from a while back that I missed, some confirmation of a French release date.

Some more waiting it would seem... :(

February 3rd, 2006 for both Xbox and PC versions

This date is “official” and most of the French videogames sites mention it in their news, so I think this time it will be for good.
If you want proofs (well, at least, for those who understand French) :

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Advent Comic News...

OK... so this is hardly news (announced in August!), but came across something that hasn't been posted before here. So in the interests of keeping something ticking over...

Double Issue of Advent Comic for launch

Seems like the Advent Comic is launching as a double issue... here's hoping it's a little more successful than the game sales wise.

Interview with Rob Worley

An interview with writer of the Advent comic, Rob Worley... you can also check out his own personal blog for more stuff...

Rob Worley's Blog

Has anyone actually picked this up yet? Write in if you have any reviews.